Facial Harmonization

Pressurised Intradermotherapy has been designed for you, without needles, and is not an invasive or painful treatment. The pressurised pen has a minimally invasive system for injecting substances through the skin, which penetrates the skin under strong pressure, without the use of needles. Technology developed to optimise treatments that rely on transdermal delivery of active ingredients through the skin, reducing discomfort and needle phobias. With this device, it is possible to carry out advanced medical aesthetic operations, such as:

  • Biorevitalisation of the face, neck and nape of the neck, hands (Skinbooster);
  • Bichectomy ;
  • Hydration of the lips with hyaluronic acid
  • Lipo of the submental region (Lipo of the jowls)
  • Micro Botox ;
  • Filling of wrinkles and expression lines;
  • Filling of the nasolabial fold, the famous Chinese moustache
  • Filling of the chin
  • Lip filling;
  • Volume and facial contour replacement;

During the assessment consultations, the procedure chosen by the patient is explained in detail, as well as the number of sessions required and the pre- and post-procedure care. All procedures are carried out after an assessment and a consent form is signed by the patient and the professional.