Skinbooster is a simple injectable aesthetic procedure, which by means of hyaluronic acid based actives, deeply hydrates the skin and brings much better results than dermocosmetics, since it acts in the deepest layers of the skin.

This substance will attract water molecules, forming a hydric reservoir.
In this way it promotes skin hydration with an improvement in softness and radiance. However, it is worth pointing out that it has no filling effect!

For whom is Skinbooster indicated?

This treatment is indicated for men and women with all types of skin, from the youngest to the most mature, who wish to deeply moisturise their skin and who are looking for rejuvenation. In addition to moisturising the skin from the inside out and treating the signs of ageing, Skinbooster has a preventive effect. For some it may seem exaggerated to apply it on young people, but it is not. Among the main benefits for the face and body are the improvement of skin elasticity and firmness and the stimulation of collagen production.

AREAS TREATED: face, neck, neck and hands.

The procedure is performed in 3 sessions, and its effect lasts about 8 months according to the age and lifestyle of each patient.
Through small injections of a “booster” of special hyaluronic acid-based products, we achieve the result of a hydrated, firm, glowing and vigorous skin, and above all, naturally.